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Alternatives are necessary for anyone who wants to protect their assets against inflation. While investments in start-ups and cryptocurrencies are popular, real estate, precious metals, and securities are also not without risk. The corma Financial Investigation Unit looks deeper to find out if your broker is trustworthy – or if you’re dealing with a scammer.

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The Financial Intelligence Unit - Safeguarding against questionable investment providers

You intend to invest your money wisely and, ideally, with the chance of high profits. Unfortunately, however, there has been a steady stream of news about investment fraud and investment scams lately. Stories like the Wirecard scandal or recently the CryptoQueen affair demonstrate this: Careless investors put their assets at risk. At worst, the affected individuals lose their entire capital to criminal organizations. With our Financial Intelligence Unit, we protect you from suspicious transactions and investigate fraud for you.

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Here is what our financial investigators do for you

Here is what our financial investigators do for you
At corma, we offer you a wide range of services in the field of Investigative and Financial Due Diligence. We investigate a person or a commercial enterprise for economic, tax, financial, or legal-related issues. Beyond the investigative work and preservation of evidence for capital investment fraud or investment fraud cases, our services include:

  • Procurement of (background) information on persons and businesses
  • Financial investigations
  • Preventive measures in cases of suspected investment fraud
  • Gathering of legally admissible evidence in fraud cases
  •  Assistance during attacks by financial activists

Financial investigations in Germany and Europe

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