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As a manager or director in product and brand protection, you will face many challenges. Very often, the circumstances surrounding product piracy and trademark counterfeiting are complex. Your objective is usually to use an existing budget purposefully and profitably.
Ideally, investigative work will disclose more extensive networks of product pirates. That, in turn, means that the investigating authorities, such as customs and police, will give the case the necessary attention. In this respect, these measures should also ensure the highest possible number of seizures of counterfeit goods.

Ultimately, it is essential to regain the market share lost to forgery and to protect consumers. In addition, investigations in this field are often of international relevance and thus correspondingly complex. Also, in these investigations in brand protection, elaborate identifications of “anonymous sellers” often play a role. These sellers offer their products, e.g., through classified ads, social networks, and instant messengers, supposedly anonymously. But even in these spaces, identification is possible.
As a result, the trail from here continues to potential distributors for counterfeits and then to their suppliers. Working with corma will focus on highly damaging cases and cause significant damage to your company.


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