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Corma has the experience and expertise to provide investigation and detective services to corporate clients from all sectors, helping them protect their companies from various threats. We serve clients worldwide from our office in Germany.

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Research Services in Germany and Europe are about acquiring data and analyzing it. Only then will the information be useful.
corma provides a wide range of professional and confidential research services in Germany and Europe. We help you uncover the information you need to protect your business interests. Our experts work closely with each client to determine the exact nature of the data required, then decide on the best way to acquire it.
Once we have analyzed the data and facts, we present them to our clients to take the action they deem appropriate.


Background research covers comprehensive information about a person or a business. For example, you may need background research on a company or a person when you are in the process of establishing a new business relationship. In this case, companies need more than just financial data. We provide this kind of research services in Germany and Europe.

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Some of our Investigation Services

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Digital Footprint Assessment

The unlimited access to information on the World Wide Web has many advantages. However, in the digital age, even a single thoughtless social media post or a weak email password can have existential consequences.

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