Background Checks on Potential Business Partners is proper due diligence

When a new business relationship develops, business owners need more than just financial data. We’re here to support you with our structured and solution-oriented method for background searches.



A good reason for a company or individual profile is, for example, the initiation of a new business relationship or the replacement of a position in your company. Of course, if a new business relationship develops, companies need more than just financial data. But in the current business world, other factors are becoming increasingly crucial in cooperating with another company.
What is the reputation of the company, and what associations do the decision-makers have? Are companies or their employees already in conflict with the law, or do they adhere to social standards? Is information freely available in brochures or on the company website? corma GmbH can help you with this challenge. Our specialization is in background checks and profiles.

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The Corma Approach for Background Research

A structured and solution-oriented method to background searches outlines the corma approach. At the beginning of each investigation, we create an investigation plan. This plan ensures a transparent cost overview. 

Our internationally experienced investigators offer corma services in different languages and can access a global network of data sources during their research. For example, we recently detected counterfeit documents during a review of an Asian company, thus preventing possible damage to our client.

Business Security and Solutions in Germany for International Clients

Outside of their “home countries,” companies are faced with the challenge of obtaining valid information from reliable sources if they want to know with whom they are dealing. We offer you individual and affordable solutions for these challenges. First-class references from our business customers are not at odds with reasonable day rates.

How We Conduct Business Partner Screening

corma uses a highly structured approach when creating individual and business profiles while ensuring all information is obtained legally. Our services include the following details (depending on availability :

Results: Business Partner Background Check

Services include network and link analysis of these data to identify and present connected entities & assets (companies/ individuals/objects). The identified information is collected, stored, and made available as an appendix to the report. (court-usable evidence) All gathered and investigated data stored in a dedicated corma investigation database (IBM i2 solution). Research results prepared in professional reports (German or English) and visualized charts; made available to the customer via a secure and encrypted (Swiss) cloud solution.

With corma’s results, business owners can take action they deem appropriate. In addition, we have the experience and contacts to draw on an international pool of information sources to provide our clients with the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

Business Partner Due Diligence
Due Diligence Investigation

It’s crucial to know details about a prospective business partner’s background before agreeing to start a project or company together. Suppose the business partner will be investing in a current business in return for acquiring percentage ownership in the company. In that case, it makes sense to find out details about their background before signing any legal documents. The prospective business partner may not necessarily be forthcoming about whether they have a criminal record, if they’re involved in any outstanding legal matters in court (criminal or civil) or whether they have any judgments registered against them.

Background Checks

A business partner screening can reveal this type of information and more. corma’s investigators will work with you to conduct professional business partner screening in Germany and Europe according to your business needs so that you can begin any project or partnership with peace of mind.

When A simple Google search or an extract from the commercial register is not enough

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