How we help Businesses with Corporate investigation services in Germany

corma provides corporate investigation services and in-depth internet investigations in Germany and other countries in Europe. Each case that we take on has unique characteristics. That’s why corma’s investigations into white-collar crimes and assistance in civil law matters are customized to suit each client’s situation.

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Strategic Corporate Investigations in Europe

Do you have to handle internal employee issues? Are you worried that your organization is the target of cybercrime or fraud? Do you want to discover whether your products are counterfeit? These are just some of the questions hundreds of corporations seek answers to.

If you seek answers to these or similar questions, you should know that only an investigation agency can provide them to you. Here at corma, we are thrilled to inform you that we’ve extended our services to help corporations streamline their investigations in Europe.

Our experienced teams are equipped with the knowledge and the right tools to assist corporate clients in Europe recover financial damages, prevent criminal acts, identify suspects in criminal cases, and more.

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If you are a decision-maker in your organization, you are probably wondering what types of investigations in Europe corma can help you with. We will help you with brand protection solutions, address inquiries, and face fraud and corruption head-on. More importantly, thanks to our professional consultations, you’ll be able to identify financial risks and prevent economic losses before they happen. The services we offer are as follows.

Who Are Our Clients?

The majority of our clients are large companies that do business internationally. These multinationals are often based in the US and we work directly with their US or European headquarters. Usually, the Head of Security or the Regional Investigations Manager is the point of contact for our projects. Contractual corporate frameworks, NDA’s, client corporate investigation guidelines, compliance trainings, data privacy agreements, and other topics are a matter of course for us. We make sure that your requirements are fulfilled.

Corporate Investigation Examples

corma’s investigators conduct international investigations into a wide variety of corporate issues that may threaten our corporate clients. Whether these threats originate internally, externally or may harm their brand, corma can help. Examples include:


Why corma for Investigations in Europe?

Corporate Investigations and OSINT Training is a lucrative industry attracting many companies. However, not all companies are the same. Here at corma, we worked hard to establish the position as experts in the corporate investigations field. We have over 20 years of experience. We have worked with hundreds of organizations so far, including some of the top 5 Fortune 500 companies.
However, it’s not only our experience that sets us apart from competitors. Our strict hiring policy delivered results, as well. Our teams are highly experienced and professional.
We can mount strong internet research knowledge, a network of international investigators, and high-end tools to deliver results. corma also has access to international paid databases, enabling us to extend our investigation and provide comprehensive reports.
Finally, we strive to maintain a completely transparent way to work with clients. We will include it in the investigation process from the planning to the reporting phase. We highly value the input of our clients. We will help you assess the risks or issues you are currently facing and devise the best course of action to help you stay on top of them.


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