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We’re a German-based agency and serve corporate customers worldwide. We take all the different pieces of the puzzle and use them to create a meaningful context, so you’ll gain clarity about the bigger picture.

We use all the puzzle-pieces

Internet investigations into cybercrime

corma is a professional and experienced investigation agency that carries out internet investigations. We’re based in Germany and we serve corporate customers worldwide. To obtain meaningful results, working in a systematic and focused manner is always important to us. We take all the different pieces of the puzzle and use them to create a meaningful context, so you’ll gain clarity about the bigger picture.

Investigators at corma have many years of experience in conducting cyber investigations. Internet investigations are often used when investigating economic crimes – a phenomenon that is not likely to disappear anytime soon. Our investigators rely on a unique skill set that includes using the deep web, social networks, and professional person and business search engines.

Accurate and Quick Internet and Database Searches

Our investigators have access to the premium paid national and international databases for conducting searches on people and companies. As a result, they carry out targeted search queries using self-developed workflows and tools quickly and accurately. The security departments of large multinational corporations often highly appreciate the involvement of our experts (corporate security).

Cyber Crime: Covert Digital Internet Investigations

We use particular procedures when dealing with personal searches, company searches, or investigations into websites and domains. Typically, we receive minimal information from our customers about the target. For example, we are given e-mail addresses, social media profiles, or just names. Based on this information, we develop a detailed search plan and carry out further investigation. Our investigators and analysts conduct internet searches in marketplaces, forums, and discussion boards individually optimized for your needs.
We ensure that, as our client, you are not associated with these searches. Carrying out covert internet investigations on the internet is a daily routine for us. Our investigative team has specialized worldwide VPN connections, and we also use different virtual machines (VM) to help our investigators operate as invisibly as possible when using the internet.

Our Approach to Internet Investigations:

We first brainstorm on a case to devise an appropriate investigation plan for the digital investigation. Typical examples include counterfeit or cybercrime incidents.
We then systematically implement this well-structured plan with the help of professional support tools, such as Maltego, Paliscope, and DEVONagent. Also, we use the top search engines with optimized search queries. Our unique tools support us in performing OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques and searches.
For example, corma uses unique, highly professional “transforms” supported by Maltego software — tools that allow for a sophisticated search of many different sources and then a visualization of results — to get the best possible results for your investigation.
Using professional search techniques, we can employ internet searches for more extended periods, allowing us to retrieve a vast scope of information, including hidden data. We later put this information in the proper context. As a result of this process, we present the data in a meaningful way. If necessary, we also record the data in intelligence databases.

Internet Investigations & Digital Evidence

Coming up with evidence that is usable in court is not easy, especially for cyber crimes. However, our investigation agency has one of the best solutions for this challenge – we use Hunchly to ensure all corma procedures and queries regarding internet investigations are securely recorded and stored as evidence in our systems.

For watertight documentation of evidence, we record all Internet searches via screen camera, secure evidence, e.g., in the form of screenshots, and have an eyewitness on site. We provide our reports in a clear format, including a visual presentation (typically IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook association charts), containing all the relevant information.

Monitoring Case-Relevant Information on the Internet-

We continuously monitor critical case information during the research process. This process includes e-mail addresses, usernames, websites and domain information, social network profiles, and other similar information. Depending on the case, we use different solutions for the monitoring. As a result, we automatically notify you of new relevant “hits” – even after we have closed your investigation.

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