corma’s Digital Visibility Analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of your personal information available on the internet. This report is an indispensable tool for protecting your private data and maintaining control over your digital reputation.

Our experts find digital information which has been published about you on the Internet - before others do!


With the rise of the digital era, it is easy for your personal information to be exposed on the internet. Often, simple deletion is not enough as a precautionary measure to protect your private data as you still leave traces on the internet.

corma offers a thorough digital footprint and visibility analysis that reveals all positive and negative data about a person or company that’s available online. It also includes a clear risk assessment and highlights which hits are critical for security.

Our experts can answer important questions:

  • What is known about me?
  • Can my private address be found on the internet?
  • Can my private contact data be found on the internet?
  • What information is linked to my contact data?
  • On which pages have my pictures been published?
  • Is there any information about my partner, family, and/or children?
  • Where and how do people talk about me on internet forums and boards?
  • Which social networks are connected to me?
  • Have fake profiles been created on social networks using my data?
  • Which of my data is being offered to data brokers?
  • Is my data mentioned in the dark web or the deep web?

our digital footprint report


digital visibility analysis & Digital close protection

Identifies information available to the public through various online platforms such as search engines, websites, blogs, and social media. It is the foundation for all further actions, including determining how to safeguard your personal information and digital identity.

Our digital visibility analysis includes

  • Investigative research in all major areas of the digital space to gather security-related information about the target or protected person
  • Evaluation and analysis of information to determine hazard indicators
  • Vulnerability assessment on the individual, family, leisure, places of residence and work, occupation, reputation, digital profiles, and identified data breaches
  • Concrete instructions to minimize risks, such as information to be deleted or changed
  • Continuous monitoring and early detection of potential digital threats


Ensures the protection of your company’s digital assets against cyber threats through various security measures and in-depth research in the dark web

executive cyber security protection

Checks your information in leak databases, data breaches, and media reports. It also includes Adverse Media Check on negative reporting.

Our goal is to locate and note all personal data that can be attributed to you, particularly critical and highly sensitive information such as private addresses and phone numbers, passwords, and biometric data. 

In addition, we scan the internet for information about your leisure habits, personal routines, private or family relationships, assets, and other security-related data. 

Trust corma to keep your digital presence secure.

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  • Management boards and managing directors
  • Business leaders and executives
  • Exposed persons
  • VIPs
  • Actors
  • Professional athletes
  • Politicians
  • Public figures
  • High-net-worth individuals (HNWI)
  • Family offices and security management
  • Corporate security departments and group security
  • Bodyguards
  • Private individuals with an increased need for protection


  • Improve your personal, family, and social safety.
  • Take proactive steps to enhance your corporate security and prevent problems before they arise by identifying any red flags that could impact your business, such as criminal attacks from haters and stalkers.
  • Identify negative reviews and feedback that could harm your business reputation and take charge of what is being published about your business.
  • Gather insights from a person or company’s information that may be relevant to your decision-making process.
  • Keep a low profile and even become digitally invisible by controlling the data found on the internet about you.
  • Optimize your digital behavior to control your own digital footprint.


Our experienced investigators examine a variety of digital information sources about you – even ones that are paid or not publicly accessible – allowing you to identify your digital footprint and assess the threat to your anonymity online.

In addition, our detailed digital visibility analysis lets you build a suitable defense strategy to protect your personal information online.

At corma, you can have peace of mind knowing you are taking proactive steps to secure your digital identity and ensure your personal protection on the internet.

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Step 1

We gather your personal information, such as contact details and registration addresses, and discuss the investigation basics and procedures in detail. 

It is also possible to conduct a digital visibility analysis based on your name only.

Step 2

Our team starts our research and investigation process, making sure we look into the following points:

  • Determination and verification of the visibility of your private address
  • Company database check for private information about you, such as your private address from company shareholding details
  • Research into data brokers and premium personal search engines not usually available to the public but may be accessed by those with malicious intent.
  • Image and face recognition search to identify hidden articles and entries
  • Identification of real and fake profiles in social networks
  • Extensive research in leading standard search engines
  • Research in historical Whois information on domains and IP addresses
  • Search for your data in the deep web and dark net
  • conduct an audit of shareholdings in both national and global companies, including related financial information
  • Query information in leak databases and data breaches
  • Media research from national and international sources, with particular attention to adverse media check

Step 3

Our team will provide comprehensive reporting with risk analysis, summary, and details of all findings and their sources. We also offer recommendations for maintaining your safety on the internet. If desired, we also offer a removal service for any sensitive data found on the internet.

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Meet the expert!

Jörn Weber is an investigator, trainer, and managing director of corma GmbH. 

Before joining the company, he worked as a police officer in NRW for 20 years, ending his service as a chief detective. 

Now, he and his team support security departments and brand protection officers of national and international clients using highly professional internet research and OSINT tools to ensure successful investigations.


This depends on the platforms you use and the data you enter there. 

Because you have no control over the data security of these platforms, almost all the information that exists about you can end up on the internet and be accessible to third parties, including:

  • Personal information (name, address, contact details, email address, social security number, etc.)
  • Bank, credit card, and tax data
  • Logins and passwords (e.g., for email accounts, social media, or online banking)
  • Health data (medical records, medical records, and insurance information)
  • Workplace data (employment contracts, employee data, and payrolls)

Sensitive information does not necessarily have to be leaked onto the internet through security breaches. Often, data theft, hacker attacks, or phishing are behind it. 

To protect yourself, you should always use strong passwords, regularly update your software, and never open e-mails or text messages from unknown senders or click on links in them.

You can indeed find and remove some of your data on your own. However, this does not guarantee complete security on the internet. 

Without structured research, paid access to databases, and the right software, it is almost impossible to find all your traces on the net, let alone render them harmless.

We recommend that you do not directly delete all the information you find. It is better to record everything you want to remove from the network. 

You can use a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet for this purpose. This makes it easier to see which entries you have already researched yourself and where we still need to do some research.

Many providers promise transparent and complete results. But we recommend against using any software to search for personal data online because they often have false claims, and there is no easy way to find your digital footprint. 

Instead, we recommend consulting an expert in internet searches, such as corma, for your security and peace of mind.

A data leak is the unauthorized release or loss of sensitive information. This includes usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or other information essential for privacy protection. These data leaks affect companies, organizations, and individuals. 

As a result, large amounts of data are stored in so-called leak databases — a type of online database containing billions of records. The data can come from various sources, such as leaks, hacker attacks, public databases, and illegal social engineering attacks. The databases are often hidden behind a paywall and used for other purposes besides investigations. 

However, these databases differ from helpful offers such as the Pwned database, Leak Checker, and Identity Leak Checker, which also establish relationships between passwords and users. These collections now contain more than 40 billion data records.

When you navigate social networks or use online payment service providers, you inevitably have to provide personal information. 

But no one can guarantee comprehensive data protection on the internet. After all, history shows that providers do not always handle your data with confidence, such as in the Facebook data leaks and Klarna data leaks in 2021.

If you want to protect your data on the internet, you have to:

  • Change your surfing behavior by not visiting dubious websites under any circumstances.
  • Always use a VPN server if possible.
  • Scan your devices for malware regularly.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Set up two-factor authentication.
  • Encrypt sensitive data.

Adverse media refers to negative reporting in which unflattering (often private) information about a person or company is published. This can come from traditional media and social media platforms. 

The investigation of adverse media is an essential security measure, as it plays a vital role in the risk assessment of our clients. 

corma uses surveillance and monitoring technologies to search for negative news about companies and individuals. They automatically scan the news in real time by recognizing specific keywords that determine whether an article is relevant. If specific keywords are detected, the relevant news items are listed and made available for further checks.

By using adverse media monitoring techniques, companies and individuals can protect their reputation and avoid potential risks.

corma prepares a comprehensive report detailing the results of your digital footprint research. It contains a list of all hits and a clear risk assessment. We also evaluate which hits are critical for you or the person concerned and make actionable recommendations. 

You are also given the option to have your data professionally deleted from the internet upon request. Another option is to remove your data from the surface web and implement digital protection measures, such as creating and coordinating deletion requests.

Identify your digital footprint

We have been commissioning corma GmbH for over ten years. Confidentiality has always been maintained, the technical competence is convincing, and the cooperation works perfectly at all times. corma GmbH regularly provides us with highly specialized data evaluations that can only be generated with the help of profound professional knowledge and technical expertise. In addition, we use corma for ad-hoc orders, which are always handled with great sensitivity. We highly appreciate the professionalism of this service and can recommend corma as a trustworthy partner.

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