Investigative TRAINING for Efficient and effective
Open-Source Intelligence Operations

With corma online training, you will benefit from our experience in information gathering and take your knowledge to the next level. Our OSINT online training and workshops will teach you fundamental skills with solid workflows and valuable exercises.

Corma Online Training

information gathering for investigators

The search for digital fingerprints is a central component of modern investigative work. It requires an intelligent OSINT Search Tool and, above all, the ability to safely and document the collected information in a traceable and evidentially secure way. Moreover, due to the constantly changing framework conditions of the Internet, investigators must source and apply the latest investigation techniques.

Basic and Advanced online Investigative Training

In our seminars, you will learn to conduct investigations on the Internet and access publicly available information. With this knowledge, you can create legends and online personas. Furthermore, our OSINT service ensures that you can directly apply the knowledge you have gained to your actual cases through exciting exercises and hands-on tasks and identify hidden connections between the various entities.

In all sessions, you will learn how to:

Open Source Intelligence with Maltego & Social Links

Maltego is a professional open-source intelligence (OSINT) and link-analysis tool with a graphical display. It allows you to collect and prepare research results. The main focus of Maltego online software is the analysis of actual relationships (technical and social networks) between people, groups, domains, websites, etc. Maltego’s primary data sources include DNS records, Whois records, search engines, online social networks, various APIs, and metadata. Our Open Source Intelligence Training will give you a detailed insight into the capabilities of Maltego Classic, from understanding the essential technologies to taking full advantage of its analysis capabilities.

Additional Information on the Open-Source Intelligence Tool Maltego

With Maltego, information can be researched and linked on the Internet. The OSINT Search Tool visually prepares the determined data and thus forms the basis for further analyses. The graphic representation makes it easy to recognize relationships between the information found and any existing patterns. Make sure you installed the Maltego software on the computer before use. During the research, this software connects to the server that carries out the Internet’s existing searches. It represents an interface to publicly available search engines, online services, databases, social networks, and various other platforms. You can integrate even closed information sources into the search.

Secret services mainly use Maltego, police authorities, penetration analysts, and private investigators. But also, the security departments of medium-sized companies and large corporations increasingly use the professional OSINT Search Tool. Its advantages are, among others:

  • fast data acquisition from a wide range of information sources
  • automatic connection and linking of all data in one graph
  • visual presentation of the data obtained and their interrelationships.

corma Workshops Online and In-person

In the framework of this workshop, you will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of open-source intelligence. Learn how to implement process steps for information gathering, which tools are available for digital investigations, and how to use them successfully. Our Open Source Intelligence training provides you with the necessary expertise for gathering information on the Internet. Afterward, you can apply your skills directly to actual cases.

Online Video Training

Our OSINT course and Maltego training are now also available in a continuous online teaching format, including online access that allows you to retrieve recorded sessions later.

our Investigative Training Courses

corma online training maltego Corma Investigations

Live Online Training

Now you can benefit from this expertise because we are now offering sessions and intensive courses lasting several days on the topics of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Maltego with Social Links.

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MaltegoMasterClass Corma Investigations

Online Video Training

This online training course on the professional use of Maltego contains all the lessons of the classic 2-day seminar, plus additional exercises and bonus videos. As a participant, you will thus receive the complete Maltego Classic & XL training.

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For police, law enforcement agencies, investigative journalists, corporate security departments, and anyone who wants to learn more about Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), efficient Internet research, Maltego, and Social Links.

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