A Dark web Scan can protect from Exploitation

We are experts in examining illicit black-market sites online for our clients. We navigate the dark web daily and have the knowledge, skills, and tools to uncover what is relevant for your investigation. 

We Search the Dark Side of the Deep Web

CORMA Scans the DARK WEB and Hidden NETWORKS

As a professional investigation agency, Corma not only carries out internet investigations for you using the bright and familiar “surface web,” but we go deeper investigating every corner in the dark web. Dark web investigations are an essential part of our daily work. We are experts in examining illicit black-market sites online for our clients. Here we’ll explain which areas are covered by our deep web investigations.

Dark Web Scan Services

The dark web contains content that is not accessible and indexable by conventional browsers and search engines. It requires alternative software to access the dark web. And to get into these dark web areas, our investigators have different access solutions. One of the commonly known paths into the dark web is accessing the TOR network through the TOR browser.

However, accessing other particularly protected areas of the internet can also be required for dark web investigations. Other markets include FreenetI2POpen Bazaar, and other similar networks and decentralized markets.

Covert Dark Web Investigations

Our undercover operate on behalf of our clients in several of these markets on the darknet. For example, our investigators determine whether a clients’ data is for sale on the dark web markets in many cases. Our clients can then use the information gathered to support law enforcement. We conduct all of our investigations so that the evidence collected is valid for court procedures.
At corma, we understand the relevant dark websites, their “products,” and services. We have developed distinct workflows for combing the dark web and work with technology partners, who continuously monitor thousands of dark web sources. They harvest and structure the data into actionable intelligence and make it available to us. Working with our tech -partners plays a big part in how we constantly update our knowledge in this area.

Expert Monitoring of the Dark Web

If needed, largely automated monitoring of the dark web is possible. Together, we will agree on the exact method and the success chances for screening sites on the dark web. corma has all the necessary specialized hardware and software solutions to carry out deep web investigations for you successfully. Our covert identities have individual bitcoin wallets and other similar cryptocurrencies, which allow us to conduct anonymous payments. Of course, it is possible to use a security-proofing and a monitoring device suitable for court use in these areas. As part of an exclusive, closed global network of experts, other resources are available to us at any time.

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