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In our private lives, not everything always goes according to plan – especially when unauthorized parties gain access to sensitive information. Nowadays, there are several cases where it makes sense to hire a professional private detective agency. 

corma will get to the root of your suspicion

We are your ideal choice for private investigations overseas

Has a fake online shop tricked you? A suspicious person has entered your life, and you want to find out what they are hiding? Or your personal information has been published on the Internet, and you need it removed as soon as possible? Are there problems in your private life that require a professional solution? No matter with which matter you come to us: Our private investigators will handle your case discreetly, conscientiously, and above all: quickly.

Unlike in the commercial sector, private investigations are not an everyday occurrence. In a free initial consultation, we will discuss your request and the chances of success. You will also receive a realistic cost estimate of the private investigation from us. Whether it’s an address investigation, background check, or document check: corma’s private investigation team works transparently and keeps you informed throughout the entire investigation process. We are always available for you – from the case assessment to the final report.

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The corma investigation team carries out research worldwide. Schedule a free consultation, and we will get to the root of your suspicions and support you in asserting your claims.

Private investigations for any type of assignment

If you have never done investigative research before, you will quickly reach your (or their) limits regarding private investigations. Most of the time, it is about investigations in the immediate environment, preservation of evidence, and the related collection of evidence used in court. But, of course, corma will also become active for you if you are accused of a crime that you did not commit. Our private investigators will support you in proving your innocence: In criminal and civil disputes, we conduct private investigations for you as the opposing side of the public prosecutor’s office and obtain exculpatory evidence.

Need intelligence analysis in Germany and Europe?

 We provide professional intelligence analysis services. More information can be found here:


Worldwide network of private investigators & reliable sources of information

In private investigations, the faster the reaction time, the better the chances of success. The basis for our immediate action and comprehensive personal studies is an international network of detectives, private investigators, and investigative journalists. Working worldwide also gives us access to a multitude of reputable sources. Furthermore, our private detective agency guarantees client protection and certainty of results, even under unfavorable investigative situations. Private investigations with corma – that is systematic research.

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