Why You Should Work Together with Us

Return of Investment

You will put a stop to financial losses and recover them in cooperation with corma. Compensation payments are possible in many cases.

Wisdom of the group

Effective application of combined group and individual skillsets guarantees you fast investigative results.

Recognize fraud patterns

We are able to find fraud patterns in your data and thus protect you from future financial losses by applying our innovative software solutions.

Combination of software solutions with the "brain work"

The combination of the comprehensive software solutions and classic “brain work” broadens our possibilities to provide you with investigative services and to be able to visualize the investigative results.

Native speakers of more than five languages in our team

The language skills within our team allow us to investigate beyond national and language boundaries, and give you high flexibility.

High quality results by standards and guidelines

The compliance with current standards and our own strict guidelines enables us to deliver qualitative and actionable results.

We keep the deadlines

On-time work is very important for corma GmbH. High predictability is thus guaranteed!

Usage of proven investigative and analytical methods

We provide you with reliable results, which also endure court procedures.

International network

corma has a worldwide network of trusted “cherry-picked” partners, which saves a great amount of your time & money.

Wide range of complementary services:

We offer you complete solutions, perfectly suited to your needs. This allows you to save time & money.

"Humans can fly to the moon" – face the challenges

Everything is possible! We gladly accept any challenge and find customized and innovative solutions for each task.

Innovative and creative solutions

We explore new paths in order to find the best possible solutions for your needs.

Background research

We provide you with comprehensive person and/or company profiles and thus help you to minimize risks.

Efficient computer forensic

We provide you with security by means of safe- guarding, analyzing and evaluating of digital traces on computer systems.

Highly motivated team

Our expert staff finds individual solutions tailored to your needs.

Internet in-depth research

We exploit all possible sources of information and you receive maximum results with minimum time effort.

Preventive data analysis

corma GmbH reveals potential weak points through proactive data analytics and thus improves protective measures.

Operating around the globe

corma’s services are not limited by geographical boundaries. The opportunity to work with a German company abroad provides you with a higher level of security.

Investigative plan for every investigation

Our work is characterized by a clear approach. We find the best solution according to your needs and from consultation with you.

Certified and trained investigators and analysts

Only trained investigators and analysts are employed by corma. Therefore we can guarantee high quality standards in the work we provide to you.

Legally and ethically correct research

corma guarantees the observance of legal and ethical regulations during the provision of the investigative services.

Solution-oriented approach

Our efficient working approach saves your time & money and provides you with the best possible solution tailored to your needs.

Appointed data protection officer

Our services and investigatory procedures are conducted transparently and the applicable data protection laws are observed.

Precise and flexible solutions

We find tailor-made solutions for your case and ensure you flexibility and individual approach customized to your needs.

We keep the budget commitments

While working with corma GmbH unexpected costs are excluded. We keep our budget commitments and give you the highest security of financial planning.

International experience

We are experienced in handling international cases and are familiar with international legal impediments.

Central location:

The corma GmbH, headquartered in Germany, is logistically well situated. Thus we are able to reach locations around the world promptly and help you save your time & money.

24/7 availability

The corma team is always available for you. This gives you flexibility and saves both time & money.

Structured approach

Our approach enables us to achieve timely and cost-effective results – a fact that is worth your time & money.

Global pool of information sources

corma has a global network of information sources, we make use of in your interest.


We find your stolen goods, detect counterfeiters on internet platforms, identify gray marketers and thus save your money.

Professional and comprehensible reports

Our professional and comprehensive reports facilitate you to make decisions and take effective measures.

Evaluation and processing of large amounts of data

Our data analyses help you filter out and connect up huge amounts of data and recognize the data quality at a glance.


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