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Choose corma as your trusted partner for corporate investigations in Germany and Europe.

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At corma, we specialize in providing professional European and international corporate investigation, research, intelligence, and training services. 

Our expertise includes uncovering fraud, counterfeiting, and cybercrime, as well as implementing solutions to enhance corporate security. 

Allow us to be your reliable specialist in uncovering the truth.


At corma, we offer a range of investigative services overseas customized to your specific needs.

Trust us to provide expert support and find the best solution for you.


You can depend on us to handle your affairs with discretion.
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Both large and small companies can count on our diligence.
All Investigative Services for Companies and Corporations
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Investors can bank on our meticulous research capabilities.
All Investigative Services for Investors and Financiers
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Law Firms

Attorneys can rely on our evidence-based approach to legal work.
All Investigative Services for Law Firms
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Enhance your corporate security with high-quality investigation in Europe and worldwide to protect your business from threats and risks.
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Digital Personal Security

Digital Personal Security protects your privacy and minimizes risks.
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Digital Personal Security
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Identify and take appropriate and timely action in any situation that might threaten your brand.
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Investigative training

corma offers online training videos and live seminars tailored for police, authorities, private investigators, and corporate security professionals.
Explore our Online Training with OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
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  • Partner with an experienced private investigation company with specialized knowledge in conducting investigations, detecting criminal activity, and providing comprehensive security solutions.
  • Get access to cutting-edge technology and resources to enhance your corporate security.
  • Receive timely responses to security incidents, so you can keep the impact on your business to a minimum.
  • Stay informed about potential security threats and address them promptly with regular reports complete with our findings and recommendations.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that we operate discreetly and all your confidential information remains secure.


As a leading private investigation agency based in Germany, corma offers invaluable support to corporate clients worldwide. 

Our team of highly skilled private investigators are dedicated to uncovering and preventing potential risks to your business and reputation, including but not limited to fraud, counterfeiting, and other criminal activities. 

With corma on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected.

Investigative Services

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We offer a full range of services with specialized knowledge and a focus on people and companies in Germany and Europe.

I want to make sure my overseas business partners are who they say they are.
Help me build trust in my business relations with due diligence.
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I need to know how fake products are being sold and shipped by an online store.
Give me insights on resellers through covert mystery shopping.
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I need an in-depth investigation and research for my business.
Find my company's vulnerabilities through corporate investigations.
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How do I find out if counterfeits of my products are sold on the black Market?
Help me combat product piracy with an international brand investigation.
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I want to learn and study professional investigative OSINT techniques.
Send me information about your Open Source Intelligence training courses.
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I suspect someone stole my personal data and is using my identity on the dark web.
Take back my identity now and start an intensive dark web scan.
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Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT)

Advance your investigative carrier with corma online training videos and live seminars for OSINT and the popular investigative tool Maltego. We tailor our educational offers to police, authorities, private investigators, and corporate security officials.