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Undercover Test Purchases

There are several reasons why mystery shopping may make sense for your business or online shop. Maybe you want to buy one of your products in one of your markets and thoroughly test it afterward. Or perhaps you need information on the product’s source, condition, or seller because you suspect a crime like theft or counterfeiting. 

However, for test purchases to look normal, you need well-trained and experienced mystery shoppers. corma provides convincing buyer profiles to purchase any item.

The entire test purchase process is very transparent for you as the client because we focus on secure information exchange and storage. We exchange data with our clients via our safe data room (privacy boxes). We are also happy to perform background checks on sellers or the link between these online sellers to ensure your research success. This way, we can discover the real identity of the sellers and even incriminate them on your behalf. Suppose you would like examples of our previous work in conducting covert test purchases in Germany and Europe. In that case, we can provide you with anonymous reports with visual presentations, including, for example, an online seller report or a test purchase report. 

Sample Shopping Report

Not sure what to expect? Please download a sample report as a PDF from here. Feel free to contact us if you need specific report details. We are happy to adjust the shopping report to your needs.

corma’s mystery shopping range is borderless

Our mystery shoppers have designated delivery addresses for shipments to Germany. For any other destinations, we rely on our extensive network of partners across Europe. We manage the whole test purchase project to ensure that you receive the quality service we’re known for.
We have established a global network of partners specifically for investigation, test purchases, and research through personal contacts. In Germany, we have one of the largest independent networks for investigations and internet searches.
We have worked with our colleagues in Germany and other countries for many years. This Europewide network lets us choose the perfect buyer for your product and services. In contrast to other providers, we take full responsibility for quality assurance throughout the investigation process and ultimately provide our clients with the highest quality service.
As corma, we are well known for our expertise and service in providing covert test purchases, including short processing times, pragmatic solutions, and client satisfaction.

Protect your brand and products

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