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Jörn Weber
Jörn Weber

Corma CEO

Risks through Financial Activists or Activist Investors?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

When Are Financial Activists a Threat?

Not only are financial investors popular targets for scams, but they can also pose a threat themselves. Proof of this is the case of former Danone CEO Faber, who was forced to step down after allegedly small investors meddled in the company’s affairs. We can help you uncover structures working against you and assist you in preventing any financially motivated actions against your person. Our financial intelligence investigators are ready to support your team.
The Financial Intelligence Unit of corma assists you with:
  • Identification of shareholders and activists acting against you
  • Identification of the initiators (Centre of Gravity / CoG) of campaigns against you
  • Information gathering on activist networks in relevant countries
  • Identification of connections between financial activists & individuals from the political or journalistic environment
  • Evidence of business & general relationships with other entities or investment fonts
  • Identification of tactical & activist targets concerning you as a client
  • Identification of masterminds & other influential individuals behind the “activism,” incl. determination of the plan
  • Complete documentation of the campaign & immediate warning of activity
  • Analysis of options for disruption, disruption, financial disarmament, local dispersion of the campaign, and mobilization
  • Access to a financial intelligence unit permanently assigned to you for ad-hoc advice and investigation.
  • Financial investigations
  • Cooperation with law enforcement agencies

How do corma’s financial investigations protect me from financial activism and capital investment fraud?

The primary task of our financial investigators is to prevent economic damage from happening. Therefore, we focus on screening investment providers and on gathering background information. For instance, what career has the person had? Which opportunities for profit are really behind the crypto investment? Does the start-up exist in its highly praised form at all? By clarifying the risks of an investment for you, we perform preventative work.

We are the people to contact in the case of financial damages: corma declares war on credit fraudsters.

We are, of course, also available to you if it is already “too late” and you have become a victim of asset or investment fraud. Our Financial Intelligence Unit will gather evidence of the fraud that can be used in court and will gladly support you in the form of a testimony. In the past, we have been able to recover funds for our clients on numerous occasions.
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