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Jörn Weber
Jörn Weber

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No Case without Investigation Plan

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Don’t start an investigation without an investigation plan.

Every investigation is different. Especially in cases of criminal investigations, it is necessary to plan the course of action minutely.

The investigation plan fulfills a lot of different functions. It ensures complying with ethical and moral standards as well as with the law. It guarantees a professional and efficient working style and is an essential tool for cost calculation.

But the critical function of the investigation plan is to line out a thorough and precise investigation. When creating it, corma is working in close cooperation with its clients not only because our mentality is to surpass their expectations in every aspect.

By incorporating the client’s view and experiences and corma’s expertise, the cooperation is placed on a sound base, the client gains profound insights into the matter, and mutual trust is developed.

Investigation Plan: Structure

Finally, a detailed investigation plan is critical for successfully solving a case.

The following list gives an overview about the contents of a typical investigation plan:

The intention of the investigation (examples):

  • Catching a fraudster
  • Retrieving stolen goods
  • Searching for counterfeits

Selection of investigative methods (examples):

  • Data analysis
  • Operational investigations (background research)
  • Analytical investigations
  • Web-based research

Following up the investigation (examples):

  • Audits
  • Global intelligence database
  • Collecting evidence
  • Reports

Feel free to download the word template here. It contains some basic points which should be covered by any investigation plan.

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