Forensic Analysis for Digital Document Verification of PDF Files

Protect your organization against document falsification and application fraud. Our service for identifying forged PDF files helps you detect whether your business environment contains false or manipulated documents.

Document Forgery


In today’s business world, PDF files are used for many different purposes. For example, they can serve as proof of various transactions and contracts or function as the digital equivalent of paper documents. Unfortunately, it is a widespread misconception that PDF files are digitally unalterable and thus forgery-proof. Even PDF documents that have a digital signature can be forged. Scientists at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, found that 21 of 22 of the most popular PDF readers did not recognize the manipulation of electronically signed PDF files (e.g., official letters, Amazon invoices, and legal texts).
Certificate forgeries and document fraud are everywhere—and this is entirely independent of the size of a company or its industry. Just as diverse are the types of forged PDF documents.

Targets of Document Manipulation

The following are particularly frequently affected:

Identification of counterfeit PDF documents

The falsification of application documents, salary statements, bank statements, and electricity bills is now practiced worldwide. Moreover, our PDF forensic experts have found numerous PDF forgeries in their daily work, mainly in the form of assessments or certificates. In practice, this means that PDF files are not nearly as secure as is generally assumed.

Especially during an application process and when outsourcing contracts, you should check the relevant documents in detail for authenticity and accuracy; otherwise, there is a risk of irreparable damage. Our PDF forensics is a sensible and comparatively inexpensive solution for ruling out document falsification and application fraud from the outset.

Standard PDF Analysis

Delivery time is max. 10 days from receipt of your payment.
790 incl. VAT
  • 10 pages per PDF document
  • 10 MB of data in size

Express PDF Analysis

The delivery time is 2 - 3 work days from receipt of your payment.
1180 incl. VAT​
  • 10 pages per PDF document
  • 10 MB of data in size


Do you have a particularly precarious case, or would you like to commission a comprehensive PDF analysis from us? No problem. We are also happy to offer you the analysis of multiple or large PDF documents and express service. Since the effort involved cannot be estimated as a lump sum and varies from case to case, we will provide you with an individual quote on request. Please send us an e-mail, use our online form or schedule a free consultation.

Do you suspect document forgery, or would you like to have the authenticity of PDF documents verified?

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