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Inside Corporate Investigations

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Proven Investigation Process

Every company is different, and each one tackles challenges that are unique on their own. We are aware that every issue, be it a civil law matter or a white-collar crime, requires a unique approach. That’s why corma works with agile teams capable of helping clients overcome a situation no matter how specific it might be.

Our proven investigation process is the result of hard work and dedication. Over the last twenty years, we’ve worked with the top 5 Fortune 500 companies world-wide and enabled them to benefit from our investigation services. We are now standing by to use this knowledge and experience to help corporations with unique investigations in Europe.

corma never starts an investigation immediately. Our teams conduct extensive interviews with clients. It enables us to assess the situation and develop a relevant plan, one that delivers tangible results. It all starts with your inquiry or assignment assessment. We will check your legitimate interest and our obligations.

We then follow up with a case data verification. This part of the service is free of charge. It helps us assess the feasibility of investigations in Europe, implementation, and effort. Finally, once we devise an investigation plan and how much effort it requires, we can estimate the costs.

At this point, our team will contact you to inform you about what and how we plan to handle the investigation and service cost. Once you give us the green light, we will continue with our investigation.

Here at corma, we use a state of the art Case Management System (Securely encrypted, privacy-compliant solution) to document all important information and send you in-time updates to keep you in the loop. At the end of the investigation, we will send you a complete and detailed report containing facts, evidence, and relevant information.

Of course, we work in compliance with the European data protection directives and have appointed an external data protection officer for this purpose. If necessary, he will be happy to find an individual solution for your privacy requirements.

corma’s final report is made to be ready for submissions in civil or criminal proceedings.

A Highly Skilled Investigation Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified former police detectives, ZAD-certified private investigators, Fraud Examiner and intelligence analysts who have a broad range of skills. Our employees all speak English, so reporting can be done in English or German. We are a member of the BID – Bund Internationaler Detektive (Association of International Detectives) and the ASW West (Allianz für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.), the Alliance for Security in Business of North Rhine Westfalia.

How a Corporate Investigation Plan Works

Each corporate investigation starts with communicating with the client. We define the issue or concern and how we can help. Once we have a clear idea of your needs, our investigators start compiling an investigative plan. Often, this stage involves working with pen and paper and brainstorming ideas.

When a clear plan has been determined, our investigators communicate the plan with you. The investigative plan contains all planned actions, the respective methods, and the required budget. After receiving final approval from the client, we take action.

Investigation Tools and Resources

corma works with state-of-the-art technical equipment and software for investigations or when taking preventive measures on our clients’ behalf. We only use these measures in compliance with the law and regulations. See the following list as an example:

  • GPS Tracking of stolen goods
  • Open or undercover video surveillance
  • Observation / surveillance
  • Covert investigations
  • Other technical services
  • IBM i2 Software Solutions
  • Maltego & SocialLinks
  • Paliscope -Software for Online Investigations
  • Hunchly – Web Capture Tool Designed For Online Investigations

Investigation Database

We create an investigation database (i2 IBM iBase) for each of our cases. Beyond supporting our investigative work, the database is very helpful for complying with the German data privacy rules.
All important details are documented in the database, including:

  • Importing of all relevant data
  • Documentation of every investigative step
  • Case history and analysis

Data Protection Regulations

Our appointed Data Privacy Protection Officer ensures that all team members comply with the data protection regulations at any given time. He will also clarify all important questions with the client and review possible contractual agreements. If you have questions about corma’s corporate investigation services or would like to arrange a consultation, contact us now.

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