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Intelligence Analysis in Germany and Europe

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

It is important to protect your company and your business from the threat of organized crime through experienced intelligence analysis. The internet as well as increasingly globalized markets make it easier for perpetrators to hide their criminal activities, to offer merchandise in a relatively anonymous manner, and to hide their networking. Detecting and allocating perpetrator’s networks is therefore one of the greatest challenges of modern corporate intelligence analyses.

Analyzing the collected and optimized data from criminal networks is also an important source of information for a company’s brand protection department. Often, especially during prosecution by the police and public prosecutor’s office, it is important for companies to ensure that the extent and significance of the case is correctly depicted. This is exactly what corma intelligence analyses are used for. We show the results in a professional manner using visualizations and reports.

With the help of a capable intelligence solution and the professional support of corma, your company can stop attacks and perpetrators, reduce costs or use them more purposefully, optimally hand over the prepared case to the prosecution authorities or make it easier for the legal department when handling civil and penal disputes. We specialize in intelligence analyses with particular expertise on Germany and Europe and work with clients worldwide.

What Can corma Do for You?

  • Individual Design of the Intelligence Database
  • Maintenance and Database Hosting
  • Secure Hosting in Germany
  • Provision of Experienced Intelligence Analysts
  • Development of Analysis Queries and Evaluations as Needed
  • Training Your Employees on the Tools & Workflow
  • Link Analyses to Detect Perpetrator Networks
  • Intelligence Products Such as Domain & Website Dossier

Experienced Analysts

“Smart” manual work still plays a crucial role in the intelligence analyses. A lot of the key information is not found in databases or is available as unstructured external data. This manual work, however, is significantly faster if carried out by experienced analysts — like the experts from the corma — and when done with the right tools. Data quality is an important factor to identify hidden links.

Proven Solutions and Measures

Our investigation firm has extensive experience using proven products for effective intelligence analysis for companies in Germany, Europe, and worldwide. For example, Maltego is used by our team daily for OSINT research and website research. The goal here is to expose connections for domains that are protected by “whois”-privacy. We determine the real identity through investigating the usernames, email addresses, and other valuable information using smart transformations in Maltego.

Using the IBM i2 product range is at least just as valuable. All data is collected in a database (iBase) and evaluated, analyzed, and clearly visualized with the help of Analyst’s Notebook (ANB).

All online evidence found during an investigation is automatically saved locally for us through Hunchly, and the relevant information forwarded to our clients.

Comprehensible and useful reports (German or English), as well as charts, are available at the end of the process. Then the correct, further decisions can be made based on this information.

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