Mozilla Firefox as Investigation Browser

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Firefox Quantum – the Browser for Research and Investigation

The popular Mozilla Firefox web browser is a great investigative browser. By that, I mean to optimize it for investigations and research. In this post, I will show you the most important settings based on Firefox Quantum version 61.0.1 (64-bit). My goal is not to create a ” hermetically sealed ” Internet browser for people with high-security requirements. For serious anonymous surfing, there are other procedures. Rather, I create a stable browser for internet research with a balanced mixture of settings and suitable add-ons.

You can download a current version of Mozilla Firefox here. After the installation, you reach the menu button via the “hamburger menu” in the upper right corner of the browser. Here you will find a multitude of functions and elements that, among other things, allow you to customize your browser. The most important points I will introduce in this post:

Firefox Settings – General

  • Set Firefox as default browser [optional].
  • Open links in tabs instead of in new windows
  • Set Font[optional]
  • Set up preferred languages (DE and EN)
  • Check spelling as you type” should be turned off when writing sensitive text in the browser.

  • Install updates automatically
  • Customize proxy settings

Firefox Settings – Home

  • Set a blank page as the start page.
  • New tabs should also start with “Blank Page”.
  • Uncheck all boxes below the Firefox home page

Firefox Settings – Search

  • Use the address bar for search and page views
  • Google as default search engine (alternative: startpage)
  • Display search suggestions if you do not have high privacy requirements in your browser. Otherwise, deactivate the function.


  •  Set up “one-click search engines” appropriately
  • Add more search engines (Link)

Example: This is what it looks like when you use the search in your browser and from now on reach the alternative search engines with one click.

Firefox Settings – Privacy & Security

  • Do not save passwords in the browser
  • Do not create a history
  • Accept cookies” – Keep until the browser is closed
  • Only from visited third parties

  • Address bar – Disable all boxes
  • Protection against activity tracking – always
  • Do Not Track – always
  • Authorizations:
    • Location – Permit on request
    • Camera and microphone: block

  • Do not allow data collection
  • Security: Block and warn
  • Certificates: Ask each time

Firefox Settings – Account

Useful to save the browser settings and have them quickly available on other devices.


With these settings, you have now established the basis for a browser that is ideal for Internet investigations, intelligence analyses or simple research. I would also be happy to provide you with individual training on the subject of Internet investigations. Call me at +49 2163 – 349 00 80 or schedule a call on our contact page.

In the next part of our series, I present a selection of useful add-ons. With these, you will set up Firefox as the perfect search and investigation browser.

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