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The unlimited access to information on the World Wide Web has many advantages. However, even a single thoughtless social media post or a weak email password can have existential consequences in the digital age. It is easy for people who want to harm their victim—hackers, for example, and so-called “haters” with no significant IT skills—to gain access to personal data and misuse it. For those affected, a long chain of subsequent attacks now begins, starting with harassment and public humiliation and ending with the endangerment of physical and mental well-being.
corma GmbH will ensure that such a horrific scenario does not happen to you. We take care of your digital visibility and support you in protecting your data on the Internet.

Visibility Analysis

Your digital visibility on the Internet
595 incl. VAT
  • Links to your personal information
  • Mentions of your person
  • Results in PDF and Excel

Personal Webinar: Digital Privacy & Security

Essential training on digital security
1400 incl. VAT
  • instructions for digital invisibility
  • e-mail, smartphone & browser security
  • Personal 1:1 Webinar


Personal data protection is one of our core competencies. Our offer to delete personal data on the Internet is directed at all persons who fear becoming the target of data thieves and thus also the target of subsequent attacks by third parties (fraud, blackmail, stalking, sometimes even physical violence). Of course, we also look after clients concerned about their privacy on the Internet and want to protect it. Regardless of which of these two categories you fall into, the earlier you work with us, the greater the protection your data will have. The less information about you is circulating from the beginning, the easier it is to protect or restore your privacy.

Making my data digitally invisible: Can I do that myself?

Of course, it is also possible to protect your data on the Internet on your initiative—but it requires a good deal of research and, therefore, time. When searching for your online information, you should take the following criteria into account:

You should thoroughly document all findings to have a detailed guide available later when you delete the information.

Warning! Deleting personal data on your initiative is usually only a simple measure. In many cases, the origin of the information lies deeper because self-research typically only uses Google and similar search engines, not the Deep Web and other sources that are difficult to access. Therefore, it is better to leave your digital visibility project to an experienced professional. In this context, we would like to invite you to read our blog series on online reputation to learn more about our services.

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