Digital Footprint Assessment

Our experts find digital information which has been published about you on the Internet - before others do!


Our “Digital Footprint Report” is the comprehensive report about your personal information on the Internet. It contains detailed information about all data available about you; especially from online data brokers, information from data leaks and metadata from internet usage. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to protect their private data.

  • Protect personal data from unauthorized access.
  • Identify digital footprint.
  • Assessing risks correctly.
  • Prevent attacks by haters, stalkers, and other criminal acts.
  • Digital close protection
  • Digital Visibility Analysis.
  • Preventing risks before they arise.
Not only influential and/or public figures are exposed to many risks through the Internet. There are enough people who want to harm you – for whatever reason. Protecting private information is therefore of great importance. Every so often, however, personal data ends up on the Internet despite all precautionary measures. Here, simple deletion is regularly not enough. Representing digital visibility is now considered a basic requirement for a comprehensive security concept and is part of digital close protection.
To be prepared for the future, it is important to know what data about you is available online. That’s precisely what our digital visibility analysis is all about.
If you want to check whether your personal information is available online, you should request our Digital Footprint Report. The report reveals the details of your digital footprint, so you can take steps to protect yourself.
For many of our clients, this footprint report also serves to expand and optimize the Digital Executive Protection area for their respective protection personnel.

Personal protection on the Internet: Digital visibility analysis for VIPs, board members, exposed persons and high-net-worth individuals.

Personal Protection on the Internet or “Digital Personal Protection” is an important topic nowadays. With the proliferation of technology and the increasing influence of the Internet on our daily lives, it is important to be aware of the dangers and risks we face on the Internet. Especially for VIPs, board members, exposed individuals and high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), it is important to determine their digital visibility to prevent them from becoming targets of negative online attacks. 

For this purpose, we offer a comprehensive digital visibility analysis. This is a technique that can be used to analyze and evaluate the visibility of a person or company on the Internet. This method can be used to determine how much information about a person or company can be found on the Internet. This can include both positive and negative information, depending on the type of information that can be found about the person or company.

This can be used, for example, to help personal protection officers optimize and ensure the safety of protected persons.

Automated, comprehensive and continuous monitoring of your executives' digital footprint on the surface, deep and dark web, and social media.

To complement our digital visibility analysis, we also offer another special service:

Digital Executive Protection.

With this monitoring and analytics solution, we can detect potential digital threats to your protected executives in near real-time and respond in a timely manner. These solutions can help detect threats before they occur by identifying certain characteristics associated with a threat. These solutions are very useful in protecting board members from threats by providing you with the information you need to respond to threats quickly and effectively.

You should thoroughly document all findings to have a detailed guide available later when you delete the information.

Identify your digital footprint: Your inquiry

How do I find out what data can be found about me on the internet?

  • Everyone leaves traces on the Internet. However, private information can also find its way onto the web in other ways – for example, via documents and records, or via third parties. There are a number of questions that we can answer for you:
  • What is known about me?
  • Can my private address be found on the Internet?
  • Can my private contact data be found on the Internet?
  • What information is linked to my contact data?
  • On which pages have pictures been published about me?
  • Is there any information about my partner, my family and/or children?
  • Where and how do people talk about me on the Internet? For example, in forums and boards.
  • Which social networks are connected to my person?
  • Have fake profiles been created in social networks using my data? (Also called “impersonating profiles”.
  • Which of my data is being offered to data brokers?
  • Are there mentions of my data and me in the dark web or the deep web?

corma uncovers for you which information about you is available on the web and creates a detailed breakdown of your digital footprint. Occasionally it happens that we find only little information about people involved or connected to you – but this is basically a positive aspect for you as a client.

How can corma ensure my security on the Internet?

With our special workflow, we determine your digital footprint and cover a number of areas to protect your anonymity on the Internet. We start by examining obvious information such as contact details or registration addresses and gradually work our way into the most remote places on the Internet.

  1. Determination and verification of the private address (visibility of the registration address)
  2. Audit of shareholdings in companies (national and international) including related financial information.
    Private data is often contained in documents relating to shareholdings in companies (e.g. as a shareholder or manager). This also includes private addresses. Within the scope of our research, we uncover whether such documents are available.
  3. Research at data brokers and in premium personal search engines.
    These databases are not available to ordinary Internet users. These are professional search databases, such as for fraud investigations, compliance teams and similar areas. However, it cannot be ruled out that these databases can also be accessed by people who want to use your private information with malicious intent. For example, there are a few international data collectors who have been compiling profile data on individuals for many years. With our accesses, we can check such databases and determine to what extent you are affected.
  4. Image research concerning the target person (Face Recognition Solution).
    For the comparison, we use either photos that you provide us with in advance or the material that can already be found about you on the Internet. In this way, we are able to identify even hidden articles / entries about you and determine your digital footprint.
  5. Identification of real and fake profiles in social networks.
    In this area, we use various professional data collections as well as direct searches in social networks.
    Here we also cover the search for profiles created with your data and pictures as “imitation profiles”.
  6. Extensive research in leading standard search engines (corma Search-Tool).
    To find out about your digital footprint, we query the leading search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex) directly with our special software solution. Subsequently, we determine which links are relevant for you as a target person.
    For this, you will receive all details as a list and also as a “digital evidence report” with screenshots of the relevant hits.
  7. Research on domains and IP addresses.
    Even though there is hardly any Whois data available for domain registrations nowadays, there are still numerous platforms that offer historical Whois data. This could allow unauthorized individuals to obtain entries from 2016, for example, which contain your private address, telephone number and email address. In addition, it is possible to make a so-called reverse Whois query. This means that we can use individual data about you to query whether there are historical entries for this data in domain registrations worldwide.
  8. Research on your person & data in deep web and dark net.
    This area is a valuable part of our digital visibility analysis services. Only very few companies offer this service in this form. Our team uses professional databases for this purpose, such as those used by law enforcement agencies. Almost all texts and information posted on the dark pages of the Internet are recorded in these databases.
    This enables us to comprehensively query all your data and personal search terms on the dark web.
    With tools like these, we greatly increase your security on the Internet.
  9. Query information in leak databases and data breaches.
    Here we determine whether your digital footprint is included in one of the numerous leaks of the past years. In very complex processes, all leaks are compiled and, for example, passwords are also correlated. That is, if you use a particularly unique password that appears in various email addresses or accounts, it is possible to determine which accounts are attached to that password via a single click. Determining this critical so that you can change your credentials as soon as possible. Unfortunately, such data can hardly be deleted from the Internet because the corresponding data leaks are always being compiled and spread.
  10. Media research in national and international sources (incl. Adverse Media Check).
    In this step, we check national and international media regarding coverage of your person. If your private information can be found on certain news portals, we also record this in the overview of your digital footprint. Special attention is also paid here to so-called adverse media, i.e. negative reporting.

Analyzing your digital footprint or “Digital Visibility Analysis” involves locating and noting all personal data that can be attributed to you. This is especially true for critical and highly sensitive data such as:

– Private addresses
– Passwords
– Biometric data
– Bank accounts
In addition, we scan the Internet for information about your leisure habits, personal routines, private or family relationships, assets and other security-related data.

What happens with the data that corma has found about me?

You receive the information and results that we compile during the research of your digital footprint in the form of a detailed report. This includes a list of all hits and a clear risk assessment. We also answer the question of which hits are critical for you or the person concerned and make recommendations for your safety on the Internet. Upon request, we will then be happy to provide you with an individual offer for the removal of your data from the Internet.

Why is it necessary for my online security that corma establishes my digital footprint?

In order for us to determine the extent to which your security on the Internet is threatened, we need to know which of your data can be accessed by external persons in the first place. To do this, it is essential to identify your digital footprint. Only then can we assess the threat situation.
Determining your digital visibility also forms the basis for all further steps. For example, to estimate the effort required to restore your anonymity on the Internet.

Identify your digital footprint: Your inquiry

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