Sample Agenda: OSINT Course with Basic Internet Research

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Our OSINT course usually takes place over 2 consecutive days. On request, the course can also be arranged in the form of sessions taking place over several days (up to 3–4 hours per day). The time frame and the topics to be dealt with will be agreed upon individually with you. The course content includes

  • The basics of Internet research
  • Configuration of the determination browser
  • Efficient searching on the net
  • Creation of a research plan and research protocol
  • Documentation and preservation of evidence

You will need

PC/Notebook (and mouse!)

  • Minimum memory (RAM): 8 GB
  • Recommended memory (RAM): 16 GB
  • Administrator rights for software installation
  • Firefox and Google Chrome (latest versions)
  • Microsoft Office or equivalent software (e.g. Open Office)

A basic knowledge of information technology and the use of IT tools

OSINT Course Objectives: What Will I Learn?

You will…

  • … learn new ways of investigating people and organizations on the Internet.
  • … become familiar with important tools such as VPN, virtual machines, and anonymous mobile phones.
  • … gain access to an optimally configured investigation browser, which you can use via backups anywhere and at any time.
  • … learn the basics of efficient Internet research and will learn how to implement structured investigation plans.
  • … learn how to create professional search plans and to use tools for evidence-based search protocols.
  • … learn how to use Google operators and Boolean search instructions safely.
  • … master the basics of online evidence gathering.
  • … create your own covert accounts with relevant social networks.
  • … gain the necessary skills and knowledge to optimize the security and usability of your investigations by using virtual machines.
  • … learn the advantages of professional tools over free OSINT tools.

Schedule for OSINT Course Webinar

Day 1

9.00 am … Welcome & Introduction

  • Setup check
  • Installation of OSINT software & tools

10.00 am … OSINT Workshop – Basics (I)

  • Configuration & use of the determination browsers
  • OSINT Virtual Machine (VM) configuration

1.00 pm … OSINT Workshop – Basics (II)

  • Internet research: preparation & start
  • Efficient search on the World Wide Web
  • Creation of professional search plan & search protocol

Day 2

9.00 am … OSINT Workshop – Basics (III)

  • Establishment of cover accounts
  • Online preservation of evidence

10.00 am … OSINT Workshop – Basics (IV)

  • Search engines & operators
  • Current search rules & Boolean search strings

The training is designed in such a way that each participant will have sufficient time for exercises and to optimally configure his or her software. On both days, the workshop ends at 5 pm.

If necessary, the OSINT course content can be “stretched” over several days. For instance, a session could last just 3–4 hours instead of the usual 8 hours. Of course, we will coordinate the webinar plan with you in advance so that the OSINT course can be perfectly integrated into your daily routine.

OSINT Course (including Basics of Internet Research): Cost

Your private OSINT webinar awaits you. With corma, you will acquire the necessary know-how in only 2 days to be able to conduct professional Internet research yourself in the future. Contact us now for an individual offer.

OSINT Advanced Course

On request, we also offer an advanced course on OSINT. In this course we show you new workflows for Internet research and explain how to implement structured investigation plans. In addition, you will learn all about relevant databases and procedures with which you can obtain the desired information on entities. Just schedule a free consultation call.

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