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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

corma has a vast investigation network and experienced investigators trained to appear as casual shoppers. We will make test purchases in Germany and Europe, discreetly and without raising suspicion, to help you obtain counterfeit products quickly.

What is Test Purchase

Test purchase is a proven method designed to help brands protect their reputation as the counterfeiting industry grows. Online shopping is very popular, and the eCommerce industry generates billions in sales every year.

Counterfeit goods sellers see this as an excellent opportunity to score big – customers are already loyal to the brand, and they trust it. Counterfeit goods sellers leverage this trust and loyalty. They identify the hot selling items, counterfeit them, and sell them to the consumers. A test purchase is the first line of defense against counterfeit goods.

Test purchase is a commonly used term, but you can also encounter evidential purchasing, discreet purchase, sample purchasing, and trap purchasing – all these are synonyms. Test purchase refers to the action of purchasing your own products to make sure they are not counterfeit, in good condition, and check the reliability of various shipment methods.

Why is Test Purchase Important

At first glance, a test purchase might appear as something of lesser importance in the business world. However, a well-planned and executed test purchase investigation strategy can help any brand enforce its rights and ensure its position in the market, if not improve it.

A test purchase can help you keep your hard-earned customers happy. If you suspect a crime like counterfeiting or theft, the investigation can help you quickly identify the sellers distributing counterfeit products. You will be able to enforce your rights before poor quality goods with your logo come into the hands of your customers only to disappoint or frustrated them.

You will also prevent losing profit. Counterfeit goods manufacturers and resellers are using sophisticated methods to deliver authentic copies, and most consumers won’t be able to tell the difference until it’s too late. Instead of your company being the one that generates profit, someone else will tap into your revenue stream.

The future of your company also matters. Taking care of counterfeit goods and suspicious sellers on time will help you future-proof your company. Not only will you avoid losing profit, but you will also keep your customers happy and loyal. Your brand image will remain intact.

The Risks of Not Doing Covert Evidential Purchasing

When it comes to the risks of not doing covert evidential purchasing, you should be aware of the several most impactful ones. We already mentioned some of them – counterfeit goods sellers can wreak havoc on your profits and customer experience. If you leave everything the way it is, you may suffer irreversible damage, both in terms of revenue and reputation.

Counterfeit goods can also lead to mistrust. Unhappy and frustrated customers can spread the word across social media and their other social circles – it’s a type of negative marketing you don’t want to deal with.

Covert evidential purchasing is the only thing that stands between you and the people who want to make money on your idea and effort. Here at corma, we have brought test purchase investigation to perfection. We can help you quickly identify the sources of counterfeit goods and provide you with all the evidence you need to take matters to court.

The Advantages of  Discreet Purchase

Over the last 20 years, corma has been helping companies of all sizes plan and launch discreet purchase initiatives. Our experience tells us that such an initiative delivers many benefits to companies. Besides maintaining a pristine brand reputation, preventing profit loss, and keeping customers happy, the other noteworthy benefits include:

Find stuff committing theft – large corporations and international businesses have a hard time tracking their staff. However, in some instances, staff may act dishonestly and commit theft. Over the years, dishonest staff can cost businesses a substantial amount of money. If you suspect someone is committing theft, a discreet purchase will help you find the staff responsible.

Identify vulnerabilities – thanks to our detailed approach to test purchasing, we’ve been able to help businesses worldwide identify vulnerabilities and blind spots that enable theft and counterfeiting.

Uphold to the highest of standards – ensuring the highest quality of service is paramount if you want your products to stand out from the crowd. Discreet purchases can help you assess the quality of shipping services and packaging.

corma Covert Test Purchase Investigation Services

corma is not a new player in the corporate security and investigation services niche. We have been here since 1999. Over the course of the last two decades, we have worked together and helped hundreds of companies worldwide. Our expertise, knowledge, and experience enable us to deliver the most comprehensive covert test purchase investigation services to our clients and target surface, deep, and dark web.

corma specializes in finding out:

  • Information about the real seller and the money flow.
  • Is this seller authorized to sell the product?
  • Does the seller comply with the defined manufacturer rules?
  • Is this seller offering counterfeit products?
  • Where does the counterfeit product come from? (Identify the manufacturing country)
  • Is this product compliant with rules in the EU?
  • How did this product reach this seller? (Tracking the flow of the product by, i.e., serial numbers, identify product diversion)
  • Is this product meant to be sold here? (Identify Grey Markets)
  • Competitive Intelligence (Examining the products of your competition)

We also have a vast network of international investigators specializing in test purchases, investigation, and research through personal contacts. We can place orders and make purchases in Germany and Europe, run background checks on sellers and incriminate them on your behalf. In our efforts to provide you with a complete investigation file, we keep covert test purchases completely transparent.

corma runs all test purchase investigations in stealth mode and uses state of the art encryption and security solutions to keep the data safe. You will receive research results compiled into a professional report with relationship diagrams attachment. If we find out any irregularities, we will make sure you have enough proof to enforce your rights.

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